There’s no question why Charleston, SC is such a fantastic place to visit: steeped in centuries of history, Charleston is still able to maintain its vibrant youth. As a native describes it, Charleston, South Carolina has a genteel class about it, but keeps a crazier and more creative part of itself under-wraps, always ready to burst out at the slightest opportunity.

Charleston, South Carolina is experiencing another renaissance akin to the first few decades of the Twentieth Century, only this time a lot more people are benefiting from improving tides. There’s a reason so many major companies are moving to the area: Bosch, Boeing, and Volvo are locating themselves here to name a few. Meanwhile, new tech companies are sprouting-up all over the Charleston area, giving Charleston, SC the new moniker of Silicon Harbor. Living here is like being on vacation: fantastic Charleston weather, friendly populace, and a strong economy are some of the many reasons visitors often come on vacation and choose to stay.

Many visitors plan Charleston, SC, vacations here without knowing anyone in the area, or the best things to do in Charleston, SC. But there’s no question that the locals know the best places to stay in Charleston, as well as the best vacation spots for shopping, attractions, and attractions like the historic Charleston city market, the College of Charleston, and plantations. And the best part is, Charlestonians are all friendly and ready to welcome you to their city!

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